No. 1859 - Wooden sculpture

A tall originally painted wooden sculpture in the shape of a knight with his sword. The provenance

of the sculpture is Cedergrenska tornet in Danderyd, Stockholm. Cedergrenska tornet was a neo

medieval tower build by Albert Gotthard Nestor Cedergren (1849-1921). The construction started

in 1896 buy was never finished during Cedergren´s lifetime. He had numerous of ideas and used

many of the best architects of his time, like Ferdinand Boberg, Erland Heurlin and Israel Wahlman.

This sculpture was meant to be a part of a large sculpture group of Sten Sture´s men. It was sold

at an auction at Cedergrenska tornet in the 1980s to the famous Stockholm antique dealer


Height 206 cm
Width 80 cm
Depth 82 cm
Manufactured c 1900


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